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The Iraqi Logistics Pro’s

Iraq Shipping is a logistics company focused on providing premium logistics expertise to Iraq and the Middle East. Our exclusive network of offices throughout the globe provide un matched access to even the most remote regions of Iraq and the Middle East. We are an important liason for businesses and organizations needing expedited freight services through the airports and ocean ports of Dubai, Iraq and beyond.

Freight to Iraq and beyond

Our team of logistics professionals are committed to servicing the logistics needs of businesses investing in the emerging Iraqi economy. Inquire today about our exceptional suite of services to Iraq and the Middle East.

Premium Service

Iraq Shipping offers a premium service for the most urgent and sensitive shipments imaginable. Inquire about our exclusive services for high value and sensitive cargo’s.

What we do

We offer logistics expertise to companies wanting to import and export in and out of Iraq. We create secure supply chain solutions that connect Iraqi’s to robust markets throughout the mideast and throughout the world. Our team of logistics experts throughout Iraq, the Mideast, USA and Europe are on call to help you achieve your goals.

We import a large variety of cargos from across the globe to the surging Iraqi marketplace. From Europe to the USA we can source what you need and bring it to you with professionalism and ease. We clear US-Eurozone and Iraqi customs on a routine basis and can expedite your imports and exports to all corners of the globe.

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